A Short Note

by Nirakar Neo

April 3, Midnight

As I sit back and write this short personal note, the Indian team will be basking in celebrations with their friends and families. And why not? They have brought the cricket world down to their feet, by winning the 2011 ICC World Cup. Finally I’ll have something to boast to my children that I saw India win during Sachin’s career. You may say that I am a bit biased but I wanted India to win just to make sure that Sachin’s career does not have a blot mark of missing a world cup, despite having appeared for six consecutive times in the world cups; for a man who made cricket the mainstream sport of India; for a genius who is a role model of countless young Indians; for an icon who makes the country united when he bats; for himself coz he toiled really hard to make India a world cup winner.

I feel very happy that India finally broke out from “Sachin jinx” – something many would have experienced in their long viewing career, the phenomenon of the tumbling down of the batting line up after he got out and letting the win slip out of the hands. Personally it was so frustrating that I vowed myself never to expect from the Indian team, and became considerably less interested in cricket. But now it ends. Now I can expect that India will win even without Sachin’s help; a sort of independence. An independence which comes at such sweet time! I must congratulate Dhoni for having a wonderful talent of leading the team under cruciating pressure; and having a killer instinct with a hunger for championship.

I can sleep with ease, remembering that India discovers a new confidence and courage to steal the pearl from the jaws of fate, with sheer hard work and perseverence.

Kudos to Young Team India!


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